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The popularity of spas today has created a large demand and a strong need for expertise in spa creation and management services. Thanks to an extensive professional hotel background, the principals of Aspen Spa Management have designed an innovative approach to provide improved spa services, as well as to address the need of increasing profits. ASM has also designed customized management techniques for day, medical and club spas.

Aspen Spa Management brings a team of American and European executives and technical personnel with over forty years of international spa experience.

Our international staff does training in the United States, Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and the Caribbean. We have helped to develop training schools for spa technicians around the world. With our wealth of knowledge and expertise, our team can deliver a "turn-key" operation or any component thereof. We provide management focused on customer satisfaction and an adequate return to ownership. The ASM team includes architects, interior designers, spa technicians and training staff. Many international trainers, designers, and architects working with Aspen Spa Management are based in Europe and the Middle East. The Florida staff is comprised of:

Leslie GloverLeslie Glover


Ms. Glover was raised in Santa Barbara, California and has always been passionate about the spa and wellness industries. She began her professional spa career with Aspen Spa Management as an apprentice to the founder, Mr. Raoul Andrews-Sudre, learning the fundamental aspects of spa consulting with a focus on the technical side of spa operations. She spent two years working as an international trainer for Aspen Spa Management helping hire and train staff for project openings around the world. She then became involved in the design department where she was able to apply her design skills to assist in conceptualization, menu creation, space planning, architectural and engineering specifications, equipment and product sourcing. Moving into management in 2006, Ms. Glover was promoted to Vice President and in 2007, she became the owner and president with Mr. Andrews-Sudre assuming the role of Senior Advisor.

Ms. Glover has participated in the creation of many spa projects around the globe; ranging from large destination, resort, hotel, medical and club spas in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. As one of the youngest executives in the spa industry, with over twelve years of "hands on" experience, she brings a youthful, dynamic, "think outside of the box" perspective to the industry at large. Ms. Glover is one of the few individuals who has international expertise in all facets of spa development and represents and embodies the image of the spa industry. She has an authentic understanding of the international spa and wellness industry and travels the world frequently and speaks regularly at many of the top level international trade shows and professional spa conferences. She is a frequent contributor to various media outlets and industry publications; writing articles and offering her expertise in the spa and wellness arena. Ms. Glover brings a holistic vision to the spa industry and has the unique ability to balance cultural and environmental sensitivities with a strong understanding of the intricacies involved in global spa operations.

Raoul Andrews

Raoul Andrews-Sudre

Founder/Senior Advisor

After graduation from the Cornell University Hotel Management program and a short time as a Director of Inspection Services for the Duncan Hines Institute, Mr. Sudre joined the Cornell University staff and began his consulting career. He consulted for the Ministries of Tourism of France, Morocco, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico and Nicaragua and for major corporations such as the Ritz Carlton, Bulgari, Four Seasons, Accor, and Omni. Raoul has over 45 years of experience in the field of hospitality consulting; both hotel and spa. He writes regular columns for Spa Management, Healing Retreats, and Cosmetique Spa Magazines and has been featured in many major media publications. His "hands on" experience in fitness and various spa treatments and alternative medicines give him a unique holistic vision of the industry and he brings to Aspen Spa Management an international expertise second to none.

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May Basse

International Trainer

Ms. May Basse joined Aspen Spa Management in 2008 after completing her foreign language studies in the United States, France and Japan. Prior to working for Aspen Spa Management, May was recruited through the ministries of education in both France and Japan as a language instructor within their national education systems. With a background in foreign affairs and a passion for international travel and language May adds a unique perspective to the company. Her passion for body work and teaching make her a great addition to Aspen Spa Management's international training department.



Tracie Endelson

Tracie Endelson

International Trainer

Ms. Tracie Endelson joined the Aspen Spa Management team in 2005 as an international trainer after studying massage at the Tao of Healing Arts in Santa Monica, California and studying esthetics at the Aveda institute in New York City. Tracie furthered her skill set by studying advanced international healing techniques and Asian massage modalities. Tracie has participated in many international spa conferences and summits and is regularly asked to perform demonstrations and give technical lectures. Her passion for the service industry is unparalleled and her dedication to the work that she does is admirable.



Ngub NdingDr. Ngub Nding

Doctor in Pharmacy, Nutritional and Traditional Medicine Specialist

His background in physico-chemistry and early interest for traditional medicines led him quite naturally to the development of natural products merging ancestral knowledge and modern technology. His experience in the pharmaceutical and spa industries mixed with his background in traditional medicines provides a holistic and well balanced perception of eastern and western philosophies.