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Aspen Spa Management supports each client in choosing the best customized spa concept based on their vision and goals.

All projects ideally begin with a market study to determine the best type of spa services to offer to the targeted clientele. A feasibility study follows to determine the economics of implementing the ideal spa, based on the market and the client's objectives. A budget and a projected profit and loss (P&L) will also be completed. The budget will include: real estate acquisition, construction costs, furniture fixtures and equipment (F.F.&E.), and the start-up costs such as staff selection, staff training, marketing, product inventory and purchasing, the pre-opening and opening of the spa. The feasibility of doing the project will be presented along with a return on investment (ROI) projection.

When the study is approved ASM will proceed to implement the project. We provide a full "turn-key" delivery or intervene partially. We provide architects and interior designers or we work jointly with the client's designated team. Based on our extensive worldwide experience, we are particularly attentive to the hidden problems of spa operations such as spatial architectural layout considerations as well as electrical and plumbing requirements. We will advise both architects and interior designers on the appropriate spa designing procedures.

Ongoing management and operational guidance is available through our management assistance agreement which has been created to address the need for qualified spa managers and directors.

Consulting Services

  • Management Assistance +

    Management is one of most difficult elements of any spa. The demand for good spa directors is currently very high, but the supply for qualified individuals to do this job is very low. Aspen Spa Management can act as your "defacto" spa director with a Management Assistance Contract.  This will ensure that the spa operation is following the Standard Operating Procedures and every critical management decision will be filtered through the Management department at Aspen Spa Management.
  • Staff Training +

    One of the most important elements in the operation of a spa is service. ASM will oversee the training process and guide the client in cultivating a pool of spa professionals. Nowadays, available technicians come from many different vocational schools and are not prepared to work within the framework of a 21st century spa. Significant training, including techincal, service, retail and administrative, is necessary to bring candidates up to an acceptable level of expertise.
  • Staff Selection +

    ASM will help its clients pre-select candidates for both technical, administrative, and managerial positions.  ASM has developed, over the years, a number of questions to be used in the interview process that help weed out any candidates with negative attitiudes and or a poor customer service mentality.
  • FF&E Identification +

    Aspen Spa Management will determine the best possible equipment to be used in any given spa and will recommend the most appropriate type based on need, quality, durability and the desired image projection. We can provide the selected equipment, arrange for delivery, and supervise installation. Since we are a "distributor at large" for most of the leading spa equipment manufacturers, we can guarantee the lowest prices. We also work closely with SpaEquip, a spa supply consolidation company, for many spa related items. http://www.spaequip.com/
  • Space Allocation +

    Aspen Spa management has the unique ability to take an existing floor plan and allocate or re-allocate space in order to enhance productivity, support the general operations, and stimulate revenue.
  • Spa Evaluations +

    ASM thouroughly analyzes, evaluates, and estimates the viability of your project through a complete evaluation of the spa from both a technical and operational point of view. The evaluation is given in the form of a written report along with recommendations regarding the general operation, marketing and technical delivery of services.
  • Spa Inspections +

    This service consists of a mystery shopper type evaluation of the spa providing an unbiased evaluation of the entire spa operation. Recommendations for improvement are submitted in the form of a written report. Either on a one-time basis or on a series of audits throughout the year, inspectors are sent to the spa anonymously to evalute the treatments given and the general operations of the spa.
  • Spa Menu Creation +

    Using the identified product line/lines, ASM will create a unique spa menu of services that is in harmony with the local culture and environment.  ASM will create customized signature treatments incorporating local ingredients, cultural influences and offering a multitude of options pertaining to different demographical perceptions.
  • Spa Product Identification +

    Aspen Spa Management will chose the best products or product lines that are in harmony with the overall concept, theme, environment and culture of the spa.
  • Conceptual Development +

    Aspen Spa Management specializes in providing its clients a unique spa development and concept to ensure that each spa is unprecidented worldwide. This commitment to innovation, creativity and functionality stems from the international backgrounds of ASM's executives and broad experience in the industry. Each and every concept created by ASM will be solid in design and function yet original in theme, focus and intent.
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